Enni’s Collection

Premium Custom liner size XS (up to 22.5 cm)


This is a custom made handbag liner.

The Premium model for XS includes:

  • 1 - 2 inside pockets depending on the depth
  • 1 keychain or metal loop

Measurements: The maximum length for XS is 22.5 cm. For larger measurements order custom size S. 

Material: 3mm polyester felt

A custom made liner can be ordered to any handbag with a square or rectangular bottom. Please select the right custom product according to your handbag's inside length:

  • XS (up to 19.5 cm)
  • S (between 20 - 24.5 cm 
  • M (between 25 - 29.5 cm)
  • L (between 30 - 34.5 cm)
  • XL (between 35 - 42.5 cm)
  • XXL (from 43 cm)
Instructions for measuring

When ordering, it is important to measure the handbag correctly to make sure the liner will fit perfectly.

  • Please measure the length and depth for the liner from the inside bottom of the handbag. Taking the measurements inside of your handbag is vital - this ensures that the liner will fit and is not too large for your bag. Keep your tape measure straight to make sure the measurements are correct. 
  • In case your handbag is narrower from the top than the bottom, please inform two depth measurements: one for the bottom and one for the height you have wanted. By these, I will be able to make a correct size liner.
  • For the height, please make sure you will be able to closure your handbag while the liner is inside. The perfect height is e.g. usually up to the level of an inside pocket.

The liner products are hand washable. In order to keep the liner clean, please follow these instructions.

  • To remove the excess dirt inside the liner, you can use the vacuum cleaner.
  • In case there is excess lint on the liner, you can carefully use scissors or lint remover
Washing instructions:
  1. Please check the label that the liner is hand washable
  2. Start by removing the removable metal parts (metal loops, keychain´s locks, premium zip pulls)
  3. Soak the liner in lukewarm water and use mild detergent clean the liner.
  4. Rinse the liner carefully and fully to make sure there is no detergent left in the fabric.
  5. Let the liner dry out upside down for on a drying rack. Note that due to the nature of the fabric, the felt absorbs a lot of the water when washing. Thus, when you put the liner to dry it will leak water for some time. Placing the liner upside down will let the liner dry faster.

I am currently testing washing the liner in a washing machine with a hand wash program. So far the results have been good, and will add this later to the instructions when all the testing has ended.