Here is a brief introduction for the liner ordering process: 

1. Finding the right model

Start by searching a liner for your handbag from the selection of made to order liners. You can also use the Search - button to find the right one.

In case you cannot find a suitable one for your handbag, it might be possible to still make a liner for your needs. A custom made liner an be ordered to any handbag with a square or rectangular bottom. Please select the right custom product according to your handbag's inside length.

Please note, that the made to order and custom made liners will be prepared for each order individually (see the estimated delivery times).

2. Selecting the liner type

Once you have found the liner for your handbag, it is time to select the wanted liner type for your needs. Overall, there are four different types to choose from: 


  • 1 - 5 regular pockets (depending on the liner's size)
  • Available for made to order and custom made liners

Tailor-made & Tailor-made +

  • 1 - 5 regular pockets (depending on the liner's size)
  • You can add one chosen extra to your liner
  • Tailor-made + has a zip closure
  • Available for made to order and custom made liners

Premium & Premium +

  • The best you can order for that handbag
  • 1 - 4 regular pockets
  • Premium + has a zip closure
  • The zip cover and zip pocket come with a premium zip pull
  • Choose the color for the metal parts from gold or silver
  • Available for made to order and custom made liners


    • This liner is already made
    • Will be shipped quickly
    • Cannot be altered
    3. Choose the color and possible extras

    Once you have selected the liner type, you might also need to select the color and possible extras. The color options and material can be found here, and you can always order a fabric sample if you are unsure which color to choose from.

    Also, here is a description of the extras for the liners: 

    Bottle pocket

    • Will be sewed to the other end of the liner
    • It is designer for a bottle 7cm in diameter
    • Can also be used for other larger items than a bottle

    Outside pocket

    • This is a large pocket covering one side of the liner
    • It is designed for a mobile pad, notebook or similar slim items
    • Available for some Tailor-made and Premium liners

    Zip pocket

    • A zip pocket is great to keep items more secure in your handbag
    • This will cover one side inside the liner
    • The material of the zipper is polyester and it will be the same color as the liner


    Keyring - more details coming soon

    • You can attach your keys or important items to the keyring
    • It is a small metal ring that is possible to open and take out of the liner
    • It is attached to the liner with a short cord
    • You can choose the color for the metal from gold, silver or dark brass
    • The used polyester cord is beige or grey
    4. Finish your order
    Once you have found the right liner, chosen the liner type and possible extras, you are ready to finish your order!