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Want to know how it works? Here is a brief introduction for the liner ordering process.

1. Finding the right handbag brand and model

Start by searching a liner for your handbag from the selection of liners available in the web store. You can also use the Search -button to find the right one.
    Checking the measurements

    Once you have found the liner for your handbag, please check the measurements to make sure the liner fits your handbag.

    The measurements for the liner are stated in the description. The liner is recommended to suit the mentioned brand and model, but it can also fit other handbags.

    Selecting between made to order and ready liners 

    Most of the liners available are made to order liners, which means they are made for your order - please check the estimated delivery times. For these you can choose the color and other features depending on the liner type.

    In case you need a liner quicker, the best option is ready to order liners. These are ready to ship, as they are already made. These however cannot be altered and are sold as they are. Also, there is a limited availability for ready liners. 

    You can filter between made to order and ready liners with liner category. 

    Ordering a custom made liner 

    In case you cannot find a suitable one for your handbag, it might be possible to still make a liner for your needs. A custom made liner can be ordered to any handbag with a square or rectangular bottom. Please select the right custom product according to your handbag's inside length.

    2. Making selections for the liner

    Choosing the liner type 

    When you have found a suitable liner, it is time to select the wanted liner type for your needs:

    Liner type Pockets Features
    0 - 5
    Basic inside pockets.

    1 - 5 Add one extra.
    Tailor-made + has a zip cover.

    1 - 4 Features extras depending on the size.
    Premium + has a zip cover.
    Selecting the fabric thickness

    Once you have found the perfect liner for your handbag, you need to select the thickness for the liner from 1.5 mm or 3 mm thick felt.

    The 1.5 mm thickness for liners is new - this lightweight option gives a moderate support for your handbag. This thickness is only available for Standard liners.

    When you need more structure or extras to the liner, then the 3 mm thickness is the choice for you. This option is available for Standard, Tailor-made and Premium liner types.

    Choose the color for the liner

    Once you have selected the liner type and fabric thickness, you also need to select the color. See color options here

      Please note, that the color might appear different on screen, depending on your resolution settings. The colors are named as accurate as possible to create the idea of the fabric’s color in reality. Also, there might be some variations to the shades of the colors as well as to the texture of the felt depending on the fabric batch.

      If you are unsure which color to choose, you can order a fabric sample before ordering the liner.

      Choose an extra

      When ordering a Tailor-made or Tailor-made + liner, you are able to add an extra. These extras are the same in the Premium and Premium + -liners depending on their size:

      Extra Features
      Great for keeping your bottle in place.
      It will fit a bottle that is 7cm in diameter.
      Perfect for keeping your items more secure.
      Choose from gold or silver zip pull.
      Ideal for attaching important items e.g. keys.
      It will be detachable from the cord.

        3. Add to cart

        After you have taken into account the estimated delivery time, checked the measurements, and chosen the wanted color, add the liner to your cart. 

        In case you have certain wishes to your liner, you can leave an order note at the checkout. E.g. You want the pockets do be done in a certain way, or maybe a 1cm shorter liner than the given measurements.

        In case you have any questions about the ordering process or liners, you can contact me.