Pinks are back! These new lighter pink colors will be added online and are available for orders:



In addition the the pink colors, you can choose the color for the liner from nine other color options:

(Korean felt)

Cloud Grey
(Korean felt)
Light Sand
(Korean felt)
Natural white
(Italian felt)
Dark Navy
(Italian felt)
Wine red
(Italian felt)
Bright red

New Color Options coming soon

These are not the final color options. All fabrics are hand washable fabrics, but most of these are a bit softer than my usual used fabric.

The color options will be updated as soon as I receive the new fabrics. This will be hopefully in by the end of the year.

You can find more color options from the ready liners, as these are made from the remaining fabrics. 

Thank you for your patience!

Take into account

Please note, that the color might appear different on screen, depending on your resolution settings. The colors are named as accurate as possible to create the idea of the fabric’s color in reality.

Also, there might be some variations to the shades of the colors as well as to the texture of the felt depending on the fabric batch.

Order a fabric sample

If you are unsure which color to choose, you can order a fabric sample before ordering the liner.

You can also send me a message to discuss more which color would be the best choice for your liner.

Color options for the ready liners 

If you choose a ready to order liner, the color of the liner is mentioned in the product details. Take into account, that the ready liners might be made from other color than these available options.