Want to know what a liner can do for your handbag? Or what types of liners are available from the web store?

Overall I have developped the model for the liner as good as it can be. The best for your handbag! There is no seam in the middle of the liner’s bottom to ensure a firm structure for the liner. This is why I always send the liners in a parcel - to make sure you will receive a quality handbag liner.

Enni’s Collection handbag liner..

1. will keep your handbag organized and clean

One of the benefits of the liner is that it will increase the number of pockets inside your handbag. For example the standard liner includes 1-5 inside pockets depending on the liner’s size. If you choose the tailor model, you can add a bottle or a zip pocket to the liner. With these extra pockets, you can keep your handbag well organized. 

In addition to keeping your handbag organized, the liner can also help to keep your handbag clean inside. For example if you add a bottle pocket to a larger liner, the pocket will keep your water bottle in place and prevent unnecessary leakage. Other spills will also first come accross the liner and only then the handbag. It is easier to clean the liner than the interior of the bag. 

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2. will add structure to your handbag

The thickness of the fabric creates a firm shape for the liner. This provides a great structure for the handbag, especially for those bags that need the extra support. The liner can really change the appereance in a positive way.

In case you would like to add structure to the base of your bag, but do not neccessarily need a liner, a base shaper can offer a solution. The shaper is made from easy to clean nylon fabric and filled with sturdy but lightweight plastic. Also, the corners are rounded so that there should not be any stress to the bag while using the shaper. 

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Liner types

There are three liner types: Standard, Tailor and Premium.


This liner comes with regular pockets; 1-5 pockets depending on the liner’s size.


This type is for larger liners and enables you to add one chosen extra to it. You can add for example a bottle pocket, zip pocket or even zip closure depending on the handbag’s model. For some handbag models, mainly totes, you can choose a Tailor + type, which already has the zip closure but can be alterations with one chosen extra.


The premium type is the best you can order for that handbag. I have carefully concidered the best combination of extras to make your handbag well-organized. Some tote models have also a Premium + as an option, so you can have the best option with or without zip closure. 


When ordering an Enni’s Collection liner, you are able to customize the liner to some degrees according to your needs. When a standard liner is not enough, you can choose a tailor model or premium with some added extra. Here is a description of the extras:

Bottle pocket

This extra is very useful if you carry a bottle in your handbag. It is sewed to other end of the liner, and it is designer for a bottle 7cm in diameter. Please let me know if you need a larger pocket. 

Outside pocket

As an added extra, the outside pocket is usually a large pocket covering the one side. It is designed for items such as a mobile pad, notebook or similar slim item. However, in some Premium liners with zip closure the outside pocket might be a small one for a phone or keys. 

Zip pocket

A zip pocket is great to keep items more secure in your handbag. This can be added for larger size liners. For Tailor types the zipper is with a regular pull, but for Premium types you can choose from gold, silver or dark brass premium metal pulls. 

Zip closure

Add a zip closure when you want to keep your items more secure in an open handbag; this is ideal for tote handbags. The sides can also be kept straight up when the zipper is not closed. For Tailor types the zipper is with a regular pull, but for Premium types you can choose from gold, silver or dark brass premium metal pulls. 


With a divider you can divide your liner into longitudal section. The divider is detachable with velcro tape, so you can easily add more space when needed.


Adding a keychain to your liner can help you find your keys more easily. You can choose the color for the metal from gold, silver or dark brass.

Metal loop

If you want to attach chains or keys to your liner, choose a metal loop as an extra. You can choose the loop from gold heart, gold oval, or silver heart. 

Key flag

The liners have been awarded the the Key Flag from The Association of Finnish Work in December 2017. This mark recognises that the product has been manufactured in Finland.