The liner products are hand washable. In order to keep the liner clean, please follow these instructions.

Overall, the used felts have been examined that no color transfer should appear to your handbag when using the liner. Note that due to the nature of the fabric, the liner might lose some excess lint inside the bag, but this can be easily cleaned. 

  • To remove the excess dirt inside the liner, you can gently use the vacuum cleaner.
  • In case there is excess lint on the liner, you can carefully use scissors or lint remover. 

  • Start by removing the removable metal parts (keyrings / premium zip pulls).
  • Soak the liner in lukewarm water and use mild detergent clean the liner.
  • Rinse the liner carefully and fully to make sure there is no detergent left in the fabric.
  • Let the liner dry out upside down for on a drying rack. Note that due to the nature of the fabric, the felt absorbs a lot of the water when washing. Thus, when you put the liner to dry it will leak water for some time. Placing the liner upside down (bottom up) will let the liner dry faster.

NOTE: I have tested machine washing with the liners. Liners without metal parts can be washed inside the washing machine in wool program (delicate wash 30 degrees) with wool washing detergent (do not use too much). Please place the liner inside a washing bag when washing in the washing machine if possible.