Hi I'm Enni

I am the founder of Enni’s Collection, a company that makes quality handbag liners for designer bags. I believe that owning designer handbags is an investment, and thus the bags deserve special treatment.

How did I start making liners? The story begins from my love for Mulberry handbags, which lead me to different handbag Facebook groups. From there I discovered liners and the benefits for using them. I have always had a thing for sewing, and I decided to try to make my own liner type. So, my sewing skills combined to my passion for handbags, especially for Mulberry, was the starting point of the company.

My liners have received positive feedback and that is the motivation that keeps me going. There is nothing better than a happy customer and a well-organized handbag! I am proud to say my liners have been awarded the Finnish Key Flag, which recognizes that the product has been manufactured in Finland.

If you have any questions, please contact me.



Entrepreneur & Handbag lover