Time to clean your handbag?

When was the last time you cleaned your handbags inside and out? That is one of my favorite activities and the handbags look great after using some quality leather care products!

Here are some of my favorite products for cleaning.

Collonil 1909 leather cream

This is my absolute favorite - it is both cleaning and caring leather cream for smooth leathers. Plus, it is easy to apply with a sponge top applicator.

The cream contains precious oil and nourishing preparations. Delivers gentle cleansing, whilst giving the leather a brilliant shine. It revives tired leather for an exquisite look and feel. If you accidentally apply too much, you can always wipe the extra off with a polishing cloth.

I use it for the outher leather of my grained leather bags, such as my Mulberry Darley Satchels, which I have in blue and purple.

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Collonil Bamboo lotion

Another favorite is Collonil Bamboo lotion - perfect for refreshing and cleaning especially suede. And very easy to use!  Spray the leather wet and let dry. The ingredients of Bamboo lotion will loosen the dirt to the surface when drying.

The Bamboo Lotion loosens stains and treats leather and textile material with precious moisture. Natural bamboo extract prevents loss of moisture and protects from drying out. 

I use this for cleaning the handbag's interior as well as my suede shoes. 

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Collonil Shampoo

Have a tough stain on your bag? No worries - Collonil Shampoo will do the trick. This effective leather shampoo cleans all materials - leather, suede, nubuck and textile - thoroughly. Very effective due to the combination of highly intensive ingredients.

In addition to being effective, it is simple to use. The top has a sponge applicator to ease the usage.

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Collonil Carbon Lab Brush

I have also found a new favorite - Collonil Carbon Lab brush. This new brush is great for cleaning the handbag's interior. 

The Carbon Lab Cleaning Brush is a gentle cleaning brush for all leather types. Perfect for removing dust, dirt and for smoothening suede.

I just used it for my Mulberry small Bayswater to remove the extra lint inside.

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Remember protection

Once you cleaned the bag, please remember to protect the surface from stains with quality protection products. Read more about protection here.