Introducing custom made liners

Cannot find a liner suitable for your bag? Or want something special that I don't offer online? For these, the best is to order a custom made liner.

This service has been found well, and I have made custom liners for a wide range of handbags. Some of the custom liners were made for brands such as Dior, Celiné, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry and Michael Kors. 

Basically, a custom made liner can be ordered to any handbag with a square or rectangular bottom, even if they are narrower from the top.  


How does the ordering process work? You need to select the right custom liner option according to your handbag's inside length:

  1. XS (up to 22.5 cm)
  2. S (between 23 - 27.5 cm 
  3. M (between 28 - 32.5 cm)
  4. L (between 33 - 37.5 cm)
  5. XL (between 38 - 42.5 cm)
  6. XXL (from 43 cm)

    All options have a Standard and Premium liner type options available for order. For the larger options, such as M and L, it is also possible to order a Tailor-made liner type. The XXL option is the latest addition to the selection, and this is the largest liner possible to order. 

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    How to measure your handbag?

    For ordering, it is important to measure your handbag correctly to make sure the liner will fit perfectly. In case you are unsure how to measure, just send me a message and let's see how I can help you. Please note that the width of the liner needs to be at least 10cm if you wish to order a liner with a bottle pocket.

    Key rules for measuring:

    1. Please measure the length and depth for the liner from the inside bottom of the handbag. Compare this to the outside measurement to check that it is not too big.
    2. For the height, please make sure you will be able to closure your handbag while the liner is inside. The perfect height is usually 2/3 of the total height or up to the level of an inside pocket. 

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    Still not sure if you have done it right?

    Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of a custom made liner. As all of my liners are anyway handmade for each order, making custom made liners is a service I love to offer to my customers.