Protect your handbag from the rain!

I love treating my handbag’s regularly with quality leather care products in order to keep them looking great. I think taking care of what you already have reduces your needs to buy a new one.

Keep it safe from the rain

When it is raining a alot, it makes us wonder how to keep our handbags protected from the water stains. For this, there are four great products to choose from.

1. Collonil Protect & Care 

This is a perfect waterproofing product as it  provides lasting and effective protection from dirt and moisture while treating with real olive oil. In addition to being effective, it is organic (made with 90% natural materials)!  This spray is suitable for smooth leather and suede as well as textile material combinations.

2. Collonil Carbon Protecting Spray

Another option is an aerosol free protector without propellant gasIt protects from dirt and moisture by forming an invisible and breathable but strong surface.  

3. Collonil Wax Leather

This cream is an excellent care product for natural and lightly waxed leathers as it contains beeswax. For natural leathers, this wax can be waterproofing if you apply it a few layers, I usually apply 3 layers. Remember to let the wax dry before applying it another layer. This is a transparent wax, but does make the leather darker after applying.  

4. Collonil For my BAGs Only Protect

This latest addition To the Collonil family belongs to a systematic care product range designed for handbags only. PROTECT is a gentle protection spray with high-quality results. It is currently only available for purchase with pick-up, but hopefully I'll be able to add the delivery to elsewhere Finland this year.

Remember to clean

Please also remember to clean and nourish the leather before protecting it after some time. For these, there is also a selection of great leather care products to choose from in the web store.

Don’t know which product to choose?

If you are unsure which leather care product is right for your handbag, you can always ask help. Also, I have made a chart for the website, which should help you with your decisions.