Highlights of 2019

I cannot believe the year has come to an end.. so fast!

As the year comes to its end, it is time for me to take a look at the highlights of the past year. What has 2019 been like for me & Enni's Collection?


Liner development

While making the liners, I have an ongoing product development process. I always try to think of new ways to make the liners better or add new extras.

During the year, I have updated the color selection - I have added Blush, Sand and Cloud grey to the selection. You can read the blog posts here and here. All three colors have been successful adds as they have been ordered frequently. Many thanks for this! You can find all of the liners here

Another area of development is the selection of made to order liners. As I make custom made liners (read more here), sometimes the model is highly asked and thus will be added it in the made to order liners. During the year, I have updated the selection with liners for various Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, and Hermes models. Hope you can find a liner for your handbag from these! 

Other products 

As liners is not the only products available via my web store, it is important to me that the selection of handbag accessories is up to date. One of my favorite accessorize is the Ladurée keychains, I am so proud to be offering these in my web store as they are so gorgeous. For these, I always seek to have the latest collection available in my web store.

Leather care is another subject close to my heart - thus I keep a selection of quality items available to purchase. I have found Collonil products to be high quality, and always try to add new items to the web store. You can read the blog post on latest additions here

Developing my website

I am very proud of my website, and trying constantly to improve its customer friendliness. For example, I have added information on shipping and liner color options on to the product page. Also, I have tried to work on the sorting effect on the collection pages. All these that the information could be found easily. If you have any developing suggestions - would love to hear them out.

This fall I added a section for product reviews to my website. Under each product there is a possibility to review the item and possibly give recommendations. All those who make an order will also receive an email afterwards asking to give a review. I must say, this is something I am feeling nervious about! Thanks to those you have already given a review!

One of the things I am most proud about my website, is the photos. During the year, I have had two great photo shoots to showcase my products in action for the website as well as on Instagram. The photos were taken by talented Mari Raahenmaa, you can see her website here

Psst. You can find my Instagram here. 

Stockmann Online Exclusive

In June, I joined Stockmann Online Exlusive partnership, meaning that a selection of liners and Ladurée keychains came available to purchase via www.stockmann.com. You can read the blog post here. I have altered the selection during the year, and currently there are the basic liners in neutral colors for few best sellers that can be bought. 

I am very thankful of this opportunity. During this Christmas season, this has enabled me to participate in their Shopping Night to showcase my liners as well as advertise a Ladurée Macarons M keychain in their Christmas Magazine.


This year my company turned two years already - and this is all thanks to my customers. I am so grateful for everyone who has ordered their liner from me, hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them. I want to make them high quality, something that will last. 

Also special thanks to my suppliers and other great small businesses that I have met during the year. Especially I want to thank Mururent Oy, who has always given great support and loaned me handbags for my photo shoots. 

I want to thank everyone for a great year - cannot wait for 2020.