Two beautiful new colors for liners

The color options for liners has been updated - you can find two new beautiful colors from the selection

Meet new Sand and Cloud grey:


Here is the new Sand colored liner for Mulberry Bayswater. I just love this new color - very versatile and suitable for various handbags. I named the color Sand, as that represents this vibrant yet elegant color the best.


Cloud grey

Here is Cloud grey colored liner for Mulberry Alexa. This fabric is a melange grey, meaning that it has a mixture of lighter and normal grey. I named it Cloud grey to represent the nature of the fabric. This new color is also suitable for various handbags as it is neutral but stylish shade of grey.


The replaced colors

As there are two new colors, few colors have become unavailable. The new color Sand replaced the old Natural white as Sand is more versatile and suitable for wider selection of handbags. Also, the new Cloud grey replaced the old Grey. All made to order and custom made liners have been updated to match the current color selection

How do the new colors seem to you? 

Currently, Wine red is unavailable for orders as I am not sure if I will be able to purchase more of it. I will keep you informed when I know more.

I also take requests for colors - if you don't find the color you need from the options just send me a message. I will see what can be done for the request!