This is a custom made liner, which means it is made for your order according to the given measurements. This liner can be ordered to any handbag with a square or rectangular bottom.

The estimated delivery time is 14 - 30 days.

1. Measure your handbag

When ordering, it is important to measure the handbag correctly to make sure the liner will fit perfectly.

The minimum and maximum measurements for this liner are stated in the description. Please choose the correct size for your order.

What to measure:

  • The length and width measurements from the inside bottom of the handbag.
  • The wanted height: the perfect height is usually 2/3 of the handbag's total height or up to the level of an inside pocket.
  • In case your handbag is narrower from the top than the bottom, please inform two depth measurements: one for the bottom and one for the height you have wanted. 

Key points for measuring:

  • Taking the measurements inside of your handbag is vital - this ensures that the liner will fit and is not too large for your bag.
  • Keep your tape measure straight to make sure the measurements are correct.
  • Please also compare the inside measurements to the outside measurements to make sure it is not too big. 
  • For the height, please make sure you will be able to closure your handbag while the liner is inside.
  • If you are unsure about the measurement, please contact me.

2. Choose the color

At the moment, there are 11 color options to choose from for the zip cover liners. The first 9 are the new updated fabrics: 



  • The new fabrics are more rigid than the previous ones.
  • The fabrics marked with * are softer.
  • Melange colors have mixture of visible fibers and thus the fabric is not unicolored.

    In addition the new fabrics and colors, these colors are available for order at the moment (before updating):


    Please note, that the color might appear different on screen, depending on your resolution settings. The colors are named as accurate as possible to create the idea of the fabric’s color in reality. Also, there might be some variations to the shades of the colors as well as to the texture of the felt depending on the fabric batch.

    If you are unsure about the color, you can order a fabric sample before ordering the liner.

    3. Choose an extra

    When ordering a Tailor-made + liner, you are able to add an extra:

    Extra Features
    Great for keeping your bottle in place.
    It will fit a bottle that is 7cm in diameter.
    Perfect for keeping your items more secure.
    It will have a same colored zipper.
    Ideal for attaching important items e.g. keys.
    It will be detachable from the cord.

    *Please note, that the width for the liner should be at least 10 cm if you choose the bottle pocket. 

    4. Add to cart

    After you have taken into account the estimated delivery time, checked the measurements, and chosen the wanted color, add the liner to your cart. 

    In case you have certain wishes to your liner, you can leave an order note at the checkout. E.g. You want the pockets do be done in a certain way, or maybe a 1cm shorter liner than the given measurements.