What is new for the liners

The new web store is finally open - it is time to reveal what new I have created for the beautiful liners!

New liner types

One of the major changes is the new liner types: standard, tailor and premium. Read here more about these types. 

These different types where created in according to the orders I have received so far. I would love to hear feedback for these, since I really want the ordering process to be as easy as it can be for you customers. 

New fabrics and color options

When I decided to change the website into a web store, I wanted to do some changes to the fabrics as well. Now all the fabrics are hand washable, so there is no difference on which color you choose. All are quality polyester felt, which have been carefully examined and tested. Sourcing the best fabric for my product was hard work, but knowing it is safe and premium quality gives me great satisfaction. 

Also I wanted to simplify the color options for the liners. Now you have eight simple but beautiful colors to choose from: black, bright red, camel, cyclamen, grey, natural white, pink, and wine red.

Read more about Colors & Materials