Welcome to the renewed website

The new website is finally open!

After all the hard work the new web store is ready for action. It will first operate at www.enniscollection.fi and later with more familiar www.enniscollection.com

Hope you enjoy shopping at my webstore. The language has changed to English, but customer service is still provided in Finnish and English. If you have any questions, please contact me.  


In addition to creating a webstore, I wanted to make the new website more informative. Now there is a section for handbag care, where you can read tips about how to clean, care and protect your valuable handbag.

Another added section is about the liners. This section includes instructions how to correctly measure your handbag for a custom order liner as well as description about the benefits and available extras of the liners.

Finally, also a page for colors and materials has been created. Here you can read more about the used material as well as care instructions for the liner itself. 

Welcome - I would love to hear feedback about the new website!

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