Welcome 2021

Happy new year!

I'm welcoming 2021 with updates to the web store. 

New keyring

The major change for the liners is the new keyring feature. This replaces the old keychain and metal loop options. It is available for premium liners as well as tailor-made liners as an extra.

The keyring is a small handbag ring, that is attached to the liner with a cord. You can choose a silver ring with grey cord or gold ring with beige cord. For custom made liners there is also a dark brass option. The benefit of this ring is that it can be opened and used also at its own.

Color update

The color options have also been simplified, and now there are nine colors to choose from

Thank you for 2020

Last year for me was extremely busy - I want to thank you all for the orders and support.  I wish you all a healthy and great year 2021.

Still to come

The keyrings will be sold also individually in the web store, as long as I have time to add them in the selection. I've also planned new products for fillers and handbag chains - stay tuned!