The Pinks are back!

It is taking a bit longer to get all the new fabrics than I thought, so I'll be adding the new colors available bit by bit.

First, it is time for the lighter pinks. These gorgeous colors will be added to each liner model in the following days. Thank you for your patience!

These are the new lighter pinks:



What are the new pinks like?

Blush Rose and Cherry Blossom are lighter pinks with a soft feel. Blush Rose is a very pale pink and Cherry Blossom grayish pink. 

Coral Pink is hard to capture for the color swatch, but is is a bright pink with orange undertones. The fabric is really rigid and firm giving your handbag extra structure.

Raspberry Macaron is similar fabric than Coral Pink, but the color is a light magenta with a warm feel.

Note that all new fabrics still washable 3mm thick polyester felt.

Still to come

Next I will add more red fabrics available and this includes a darker pink - similar to Cyclamen that was available before. This will take a short time and I will inform about this later on.