Meet the extras!

When ordering a Tailor liner, you are able to customize the liner with one chosen extra. This means that you will be able to order a liner that suits your needs.

Want to know more about the extra options for the tailor type liner? These extras are explained in the About liners -page, but here is another introduction. Come and meet the seven different extras!  

Bottle pocket

This extra is very useful if you carry a bottle in your handbag. It is sewed to other end of the liner, and it is designer for a bottle 7cm in diameter. This can be added to any liner that is at least 9cm deep.

Outside pocket

The outside pocket is usually a large pocket covering the one side. It is designed for items such as a mobile pad, notebook or similar slim item.

Zip pocket

A zip pocket is great to keep items more secure in your handbag. This can be added for larger size liners.

Zip closure

Add a zip closure when you want to keep your items more secure in an open handbag; this is ideal for tote handbags. The sides can also be kept straight up when the zipper is not closed.


With a divider you can divide your liner into longitudal section. The divider is detachable with velcro tape, so you can easily add more space when needed.

Keychain and metal loop

If you want to attach chains or keys to your liner, choose a keychain or metal loop as an extra. You can choose the color of the metals from gold or silver. The cord used for these has been changed to polyester, which comes in three colors. The used cord for black liners is black, and for others it is gold or silver depending on the color of the metal. 

Two new colors added

Now you are able to choose your liner from ten beautiful color options. Two new colors have been added now; blue and brown. These are available for all new orders from today onwards. Read more about available colors on the Colors & Materials page.