It's all about storage

Owning a designer handbag is an investment. Therefore, it's important also know how to clean, care and store the handbag correctly.

When you are not using your handbag, it makes a difference how you store it. You want to keep the handbag looking great even after keeping it in the closet for a while.

Fill it up

During storage, make sure your handbag also stays perfect by filling the bag. By placing a filler, a special pillow inside the handbag while storing, you ensure that the handbag will not lose its posture or shape.

New Premium filler

Now available - new premium handbag filler. This triangle shaped Premium filler is made from thicker woven cotton and it gives a firm support for your handbag as it is filled with EPS styrox. It has a velcro tape closure to enable adjusting the amount of filling. Perfect for a medium bag, that need all the support it can get to stay in shape.

Dust away

Keep your handbag dust free with a dustbag. If your handbag is missing it's original dustbag, you can order a custom made dustbag here

Made from brushed cotton - only the best for your handbag.

Psst. Now also available a mini dustbag for your smaller chains - keep them safe while not using them.