6th Birthday!

Enni's Collection turns 6

It is once again the end of April, and time for a birthday. My company turns 6 already, and I again want to thank you all for your support. 

What does making liners mean to me?

I must say it was quite lucky for me to start my business, and it was not something I planned for long. But since I started, it has become a such an important thing for me. I love making liners, and especially when the feedback has been encouraging it means the world to me. 


Upcoming updates

For me it is important to constantly keep evolving. I love to make liners for new bags and add these models available for made to order liners. The recent releases include a new model for Marimekko for example. Now I have Marc Jacobs totes lined up waiting for liners.. Hopefully these will become available in May!

Another changes will hopefully be the available liner color swatch. I've been looking for a new felt supplier for a while now, and must say it is not always easy. I have certain terms for the fabric - I just want the best. The color options will be updated in the summer during the upcoming summer break - currently the color Blush for example is already sold out. Thank you for your patience with the colors, it will be great I think!

Birthday treats

I'll be adding new birthday treats this week to the webstore. The first treat is:

  • Free shipping to orders over 60€
  • Valid for new orders until 30/4/22
  • Use the code EC6 at checkout

More treats coming soon!

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Remember to follow @enniscollection on Instagram - I will be adding a draw for Ladurée soon to celebrate the birthday.