Owning a designer handbag is an investment. Therefore, it is important also know how to clean, care and store the handbag correctly.

The first step for caring for used handbags is cleaning. After that, it is important to nourish the leather and finish off by protecting it from dirt and water stains. In case you are unsure which product to use for your handbag, or would like to order something not included in the web store at the moment, please contact me. I love to give advice or see if the product can be added to the collection.


There is always loose lint or dirt inside your handbag, and my best advice is to use a vacuum cleaner. Make sure you vacuum the lint or dirt gently and carefully, and not use excessive force. You can also use a lint roller to clean the interior.

In case of a stain in the lining or leather, try the Collonil Bamboo lotion. By following the instructions, it is safe to use for smooth leather and suede as well as for textile material combinations. You can also try Collonil Shampoo, 1909 leather cream or Woly Perfect gel depending on the leather and stain.

If you wish to remove any unwanted smell inside the handbag, Softcare Odour control spray is an effective product to use.  

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Nourishing and protecting

Once the surface is clean, the next step is to nourish the leather. It is important to care for the handbag’s leather, to keep it soft and healthy. Collonil 1909 leather lotion is a high quality lotion enriched with aloe and precious oils. This can be applied to the surface with a Collonil polishing cloth.  

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After cleaning and nourishing, it is vital to protect the leather for dirt and water stains. Collonil Protect & Care is an organic product for waterproofing, providing a lasting an effective protection to your handbag’s leather. 

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Storing your handbag

In addition of knowing how to clean and care for the handbag, it is as vital to store the handbag correctly. For example with smaller handbags that have a metal chain, it is important that the chain will not leave a mark on the leather while stored. This can be prevented by placing the chain inside the handbag. 

It is important to store a handbag in a dustbag, which main task is to protect the handbag from dirt and scratches while stored. 

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During storage, make sure your handbag also stays perfect by filling the bag. By placing a filler, a special pillow inside the handbag while storing, you ensure that the handbag will not lose its posture or shape.

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