When ordering a Tailor-made or Tailor-made + liner, you are able to add an extra:

Bottle pocket
  • Will be sewed to the other end of the liner
  • It is designer for a bottle 7cm in diameter
  • Can also be used for other larger items than a bottle
Outside pocket
  • This is a large pocket covering one side of the liner
  • It is designed for a mobile pad, notebook or similar slim items
  • Available for some Tailor-made liners
Zip pocket
  • A zip pocket is great to keep items more secure in your handbag
  • This will cover one side inside the liner
  • Material is polyester and it will be the same color as the liner 
  • This keychain has a parrot lock, where you can add your keys.
  • You can choose the color for the metal from gold, silver or dark brass
  • The used polyester cord is black, gold, or silver
Metal loop
  • If you want to attach something with a parrot lock to your liner
  • You can choose the loop from gold heart, gold oval, or silver heart
  • The used polyester cord is black, gold, or silver