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Liner for Chanel Deauville Tote, Tailor


This handbag liner is suitable for Chanel Deauville Tote (leather).

The Tailor model includes:

  • 4-5 inside pockets
  • 1 extra of your choice

Material: 3mm polyester felt

When ordering a Tailor or Tailor+ liner, you are able to add an extra. Here is a description of the extras:

This extra is sewed to other end of the liner, and it is designer for a bottle 7cm in diameter. Please let me know if you need a larger pocket. 
This is a large pocket covering one side of the liner. It is designed for a mobile pad, notebook or similar slim items.
A zip pocket is great to keep items more secure in your handbag.This will cover one side inside the liner. 
Add a zip closure when you want to keep your items more secure in an open handbag; this is ideal for tote handbags. The sides can also be kept straight up when the zipper is not closed.

With a divider you can divide your liner into longitudinal section. The divider is detachable with velcro tape, so you can easily add more space when needed.


Adding a keychain to your liner can help you find your keys more easily. You can choose the color for the metal from gold, silver or dark brass. The used polyester cord for black liners is black, and for others it is gold or silver depending on the color of the metal. 


If you want to attach something with a parrot lock to your liner, choose a metal loop as an extra. You can choose the loop from gold heart, gold oval, or silver heart. The used polyester cord for black liners is black, and for others it is gold or silver depending on the color of the metal. 

See also Blog post - Meet the extras

The liner products are hand washable. In order to keep the liner clean, please follow these instructions.

  • To remove the excess dirt inside the liner, you can use the vacuum cleaner.
  • In case there is excess lint on the liner, you can carefully use scissors or lint remover
Washing instructions:
  1. Please check the label that the liner is hand washable
  2. Start by removing the removable metal parts (metal loops, keychain´s locks, premium zip pulls)
  3. Soak the liner in lukewarm water and use mild detergent clean the liner.
  4. Rinse the liner carefully and fully to make sure there is no detergent left in the fabric.
  5. Let the liner dry out upside down for on a drying rack. Note that due to the nature of the fabric, the felt absorbs a lot of the water when washing. Thus, when you put the liner to dry it will leak water for some time. Placing the liner upside down will let the liner dry faster.

I am currently testing washing the liner in a washing machine with a hand wash program. So far the results have been good, and will add this later to the instructions when all the testing has ended.

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