New product - dustbag

Now available - dustbags for handbag storage!

It is important to store your handbag in its dustbag while storing to protect it from dirt and scratches. In case your handbag is missing a dustbag, you can now order a custom made dustbag from Enni’s Collection. The best part is that you can order the dustbag according to your needs - you just need to know the measurements.

The dustbag does not have any strings for closure; it rather works with a flap closure. The flap comes halfway down on the side, and due to the nature of the fabric it stays closed without any additional closure mechanism.

Material and color options

The material is cotton, which is brushed from the other side to feel soft and luxurious- only the best for your handbag. The dustbags are maschine washable up to 40 degrees. 

You can choose from three beautiful colors: blush, sand and stone. You can also ask for other colors, and we can see if they are possible to order.  

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Remember also the filler

Also keep your handbag in shape with a filler while storing it. Filler is a pillow, which you can place inside the bag, so that the bag will not lose its posture when you are not using the handbag. These are also custom made from cotton fabric according to your handbag’s measurements.   

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