Changes to Color Options Before Summer Break

I've been looking for a new felt supplier for some time now. I think I've finally found the one.. I'm very picky when it comes to the material. It needs to have a certain feel to it as well as be washable. Also, it is important that I'll be able to add more colors to the available options.  

As I'm in the middle of changing the supplier, there is a limited color option before the yearly summer break. 

Color options at the moment 

At the moment, you can choose the color for the liner from seven color options. 

Black (Korean felt) Brown (Korean felt) Camel (Korean felt) Sand
Cyclamen Blush - SOLD OUT

The five colors brown, sand, cloud grey, bright red and cyclamen are the same as before. However, Camel, Brown and Black color options at the moment a from a Korean felt, which is not an OEKO-TEX material. Blush is sold out, but you can still find some ready to order liners made from that color.  

Also, I've been testing different fabrics so some Ready to order liners might be from these fabric batches. 

New fabric coming soon - new color options

The color options will be updated during the upcoming summer break once I've been able to order the new fabrics. I will inform the dates of the break later, but it will be around mid-June to mid-July. 

Thanks to the fabric change, I'll be able to increase the number of color options to at least 16 options. The new colors will be revealed later, but Blush will make a comeback - I promise!

Thank you for your patience!